Brandon Ívan Cielo Rodriguez Venegas

Graphic Design Web Design Illustration

My name is Brandon. Some people call me B-ROD, BranFlakes, Tio, and sometimes Chicken Boy.

I am a graduate from the University of the Arts BFA Graphic Design program and a multifaceted artist. I am not the kind of creative who can do well in a small fish tank when I would much rather be lost in the ocean.

I am looking for exciting projects, the kind that makes me nervous and pushes me beyond the norm. I would love to work in a studio environment, surrounded by fellow creatives, with a varied series of projects.

There is a world full of untold stories, and I want to go on adventures discovering them.


2021 | Rebranding Project
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La Diosa Encantada

2020 | Vector Illustration
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Mi Isla se Levanta

2019 | Hard Enamel Pin
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Textured Dreams

2018 | Vector Illustration
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In Camden, this group helps low-income kids launch careers

by Parija Kavilanz

I was recently written about by a wonderful journalist at CNN, back in April 2018.

“Camden, New Jersey, has offered Brandon Rodriguez some harsh life lessons and some surprising opportunities.”

Check it out here to get to know a little about my upbringing.

The Artists Upstairs Camden Fireworks Annual Group Art Exhibition 2019

Back in 2018, through a connection with my friend and mentor Marcy Morris, I discovered Camden Fireworks. Fireworks is an art gallery on South Broadway carved out of an old firehouse. The building was repurposed into an apartment and then to provide studio spaces for artists, while hosting exhibitions for both Camden City and visiting artists alike.

It was here that I became acquainted with Cassie, the poet who ran the space and welcomed me into my very first studio. It was also here, that I shared my very first exhibition with my fellow artists from the studio spaces upstairs in November 2019.

Brandon’s Personal Design Business Takes Off!

I began my web design journey back in October 2017 with the help of the non-profit organization Hopeworks ‘N Camden. Then located on State Street in North Camden; for six months I worked as a web design intern designing and building websites for Hopeworks’ clients.

Developing my skills as both a web designer and professional entrepreneur, Hopeworks provided the support I never knew I needed. Check out their article about me below.


I refer to my email for all business inquiries. Feel free to connect with me for freelance projects or just to say hello! You can contact me by filling out the contact form below.

If you are interested in my Puerto Rican artwork, feel free to visit my senior thesis project website, an ongoing passion project of mine. ENCANTADA is an online encyclopedia of Puerto Rican Taino myths researched, re-written, illustrated, and designed by me.

If you are interested in my Latin artwork for sale, check out my online Etsy store Vené. These pieces are my tools for educating people about Puerto Rican culture through art, and I will continue to add new pieces eventually representing all Latin cultures. Keep up with  new artwork in the store and works in progress on the Vené Instagram page.

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