Textured Dreams

Illustration of a black woman with waist length braided hair, over a pink background with a red silhouette and navy blue wavy lines.

An illustrative memoir, Textured Dreams is a reminder of the dreams had by countless ethnic youth in their journey to love their hair-and in turn to love themselves.

I spent my journey in years of neglecting my long, unruly Dominican and Puerto Rican curls. I felt different, I felt unkept, I felt wrong. All because the white boys in class had straight. blonde and brunette hair, they looked like all of Disney’s Princes ready to save the day. I wanted to look like Marlon Brando with a nice slick back, or at least like one of Danny Zuko’s greasers with the cool jeans. leather jackets, and GREAT hair. It took the likes of Prince, Mario Lopez, Blaine, Jon Snow, and many others to develop a perspective with healthier standards.

In this piece, a young African American woman dreams of have long, breezy, straight hair. Though gorgeous and braided, she fantasizes of a less textured dream.

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