LISTO is a vector illustration exploring the value of morning rituals that women perform daily in order to feel ready for the day ahead

Getting the Modern Woman Ready

I was raised by a single mother of four and surrounded by sisters, and grandmothers my entire life. Mornings always began with makeup, hair, and coffee, sometimes all at the same time. But I wondered why they had to go through so much effort, to feel ready for the day.

Some of them performed these tasks because they enjoy them and apply them as a form of self-care. Others felt they had to or they would be treated differently-looked down upon because they did not align with the employee attire guidelines. Such was required of them, but not so much of their male peers.

In this vector illustration, I explore the concept of a woman getting ready. What is required, what outfit to wear, and how can she empower herself without feeling like she is bound to the physical expectations of her male contemporaries.


For this illustrations, I wanted to go against the common tropes associated with beauty standards represented in films, shows, video games, comics, etc. The female characters are almost always voluptuous, scantily dressed, with heavy contouring makeup, or unrealistic body shapes like tiny waists, and overaccentuated breasts.

Therefore, I chose a model that I could represent without the need to indicate her sexualized features like breasts and butt. The struggle was trying to indicate feminity without portraying the features that men have led me to believe.

Photo by Romane Van Troost via Unsplash

Design Process

Desing Appreciation

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