Illustration of K-pop singer Sandara Park of former girl group 2NE1, over a red background.

     As a fan of the prolific Korean pop girl group 2NE1, I was ecstatic to hear the news of the long-awaited return of their former vocalist, Park Bom, in her first solo debut since the disbandment of her group, back in 2016. In celebration of her return, I set out to design a few pieces inspired by the music video of her debut song Spring.

Sandara Park, known to all her fans as Dara, made a surprising return herself in the video, clothed in a burning crimson suit jacket accompanied with a forlorn look-Dara conveyed all of the pain that Bom fans the world over struggled with as they watched Bom suffer the harsh and cruel returns she received from Korean news outlets and fans alike, accusing her of smuggling her ADHD medication into the country.

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