Doctors Who Create

DOCTORS WHO CREATE is a rebranding, merchandise design, and website design project for an organization that unites and celebrate doctors who are also creatives and artists.

The Coolest Doctors Create

Working with these doctors was a wonderfully enlightening and heart-warming experience for me. I enjoyed learning about the passion behind this organization and the people who are trying to find creative ways to change common approaches to patient care.

Through directly communicating with the clients, I was able to develop a website and merchandise that in their words, “Amazed us!”

Existing Branding


The organization has worked on a limited budget, and therefore could not afford to hire professional design services. Everything they had produced was entirely done by in-house creatives that were a part of their organization. From the mugs to their cards, and even their logo and website, all were created by their own artists.


The doctors needed a more professional branding experience, and though I worked in a group to develop their new logo design, I was entirely responsible for the design of their merchandise, and website.


The doctors are not limited to the visual arts, they also participate in the performing arts. Some play instruments, others are ballerinas, gymnasts, and poets. With a varied collection of creatives in their organization, we needed to develop an identity that respected all forms of creativity along with strong merchandise that was functional and could be used for more than just brand recognition.

Font Exploration


After redesigning the brand logo, and associating a font with their angel, I took over and created pieces approved by the clients that could be useful beyond brand recognition. The Doctors Who Create have an annual festival-like event that brings together the creatives to present their talents, and their ideas of how they might include them in their approaches to patient care. At this event, the organization hands out merchandise to attendees, and I was challenged with the selection and design of functional items.

I chose a notepad, grocery tote, and mug.

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