Portrait photo of Brandon Rodriguez (BICRV) as he stands with his back against a brick wall in his home town of Camden, New Jersey.

I refer to my email for all business inquiries. Feel free to connect with me for freelance projects or just to say hello! You can contact me by filling out the contact form below.

If you are interested in my Puerto Rican artwork, feel free to visit my senior thesis project website, an ongoing passion project of mine. ENCANTADA is an online encyclopedia of Puerto Rican Taino myths researched, re-written, illustrated, and designed by me.

If you are interested in my Latin artwork for sale, check out my online Etsy store Vené. These pieces are my tools for educating people about Puerto Rican culture through art, and I will continue to add new pieces eventually representing all Latin cultures. Keep up with new artwork in the store and works in progress on the Vené Instagram page.

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