Vector Illustrations

A combination of pencil sketches, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects led to the creation of these pieces.

I began my artistry with lots and LOTS of drawings from my younger years at four years old. I drew for pretty much my entire life, and the desire to express myself artistically is what inevitably led me to design. These pieces are homages to my youth evolved through my experience with design.

Digital Illustrations

Upon discovering graphic design at age fourteen, I let go of my drawing for an exasperating period of time. I struggled to combine my new higher technical passion, with my older traditional one. Sacrificing drawing allowed me to hone my design skills, but gradually a part of me was lost. It was thanks to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, however, that I not only lost my job but also was allotted the time I needed to rediscover my LOVE for drawing.

After getting my hands on an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and ProCreate, I began a new personal journey. I learned digital drawing techniques via a self-paced online course from DOMESTIKA, and began giving myself projects. The illustrations below are a limited selection, but they are my first finished pieces, and will not be my last.

Collage Illustrations

I am incredibly meticulous in many things. Sometimes I can be exhausting and I want to create without feeling so restricted. Over my career, I have given myself rules to follow for every project.

When starting a project some of the first elements I seek out are the things the client does not want me to do. If you can figure out what they do not want, then you are that much better at delivering what they do want. However, sometimes you wanna do what you want.

These works are combinations of what I wanted to do at the time, allowing me more creative freedom whilst still focusing on the work with the eye of a designer.

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