Puerto Rico Matters

PUERTO RICO MATTERS is a motion graphic clip highlighting the lack of support from the U.S. in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

Design that Matters

Designers are storytellers like journalists and can create work that sparks hope and change in the world. I hope in my career I will have a chance to design for causes that I am passionate about like the Hurricane Maria relief effort for Puerto Rico.

I am Puerto Rican, and Dominican, and have a heritage that also traces back to what is today considered Israel. I was primarily raised by my single mother of Puerto Rican descent and therefore cherish my culture. Since Hurricane Maria left my home away from home in ruin I wanted to support the island in some way through my skillset.

My University would not allow me to take time off to go to the island to volunteer, or else it would have cost me that semester. I was the only Puerto Rican, and Latin student in my classes, so no one understood how it felt or why I personally felt obligated to help. So I used a project as an opportunity to vent, which inevitably led to the creation of my online business and store Vené.

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